Seek only the things that move you, cherish them, let them be your poison, you are death anyway as much as you are life itself. Your fall was your ascension, sentience is holy, only because you kiss it as it flows away, bringing anew the next current.


My existence fluctuates between this

crystalline form and an inexplicable chasm.

Honestly I’m beyond sanity for no reason at all.

Never take my opinions as my truths,

judging me by them is a waste of your time,

I have no truths of my own

only the surety of Be.


Woven in a fractured word

Broken, incomplete,
faded in my completion.
Hollow shells, pixilated with
nothing beyond,
questionable intensions.

I traverse the intricacies,
worlds created by words,
words that bring I into existence.
Holy are they, molding me into flesh,
Describe I when I come here,
evil are they,
for keeping me prisoner.

Here is aloneness,
Here is this, separated
from you, only by words.